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The best map for these routes I can find is on Open Street Map. Here's a link that may work, I am really not sure. If not go to www.openstreetmap.org and look for Cambourne near St Ives.

Cambourne is a new town near Cambridge. I was rather surprised to discover there are 80 hectares of land around the village which The Wildlife Trusts manage and allow horse riding and cycling on. Well managed tracks, they go around the village at about car width. There are a few places where it is hard to know where to pick up the track again without the map. Well worth a visit for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and wildlife enthusiasts.

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Grafham Water
A couple of weeks ago my pal and I decided to go to Grafham Water. http://www.anglianwater.co.uk/leisure/what-to-see/water-parks/grafham/

I heard there was a path we could use on horses right the way around the lake. it is the cycle route and consists of gravel paths and tarmac. It looked like the surface would be good all year around.

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A lovely route I would recommend though I am sure it is very busy at times. easy to follow and varied scenery. Be aware there are a lot of flies particularly big horse flies in places.

Two routes see:
Wimpole and Wimpole shorter route on www.walkjogrun.net

Photos of the route:
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Horse riding route at Fowlmere
Route here

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